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in the desert

Imagine the most romantic and magical scenario you can dream of: the golden dunes of the Merzouga desert, an oasis of tranquility and serenity that envelops you in its unique essence. Now, add to that scenario an extraordinary celebration, full of love, happiness, and beauty. Can you visualize it? Welcome to the unparalleled experience of celebrating your wedding in the desert dunes.

At Riad Serai, our boutique hotel and luxury tented camp in the heart of the desert, we make the dream of a perfect wedding in a setting as magical as the Merzouga dunes come true. Every corner of our space has been carefully designed to create an intimate and exclusive atmosphere, where every moment will become an unforgettable memory.

Imagine exchanging your wedding vows as the sun slowly sets on the horizon, painting the sky with golden and pink hues. The soft waves of sand and the silence of the desert will bear witness to your love, creating a dreamy ambiance to seal your eternal commitment. Our luxury tents, fully equipped and elegantly decorated, will be your refuge of intimacy and comfort amidst this breathtaking landscape.

What's included

At Riad Serai, we will take care of every detail to make your wedding perfect. From event organization to decoration, banquet, and music, our professional team will be at your disposal to bring your dreams to life. You can choose from different settings for the ceremony and reception, tailoring them to your preferences and creating a unique and personalized atmosphere for your special day.

Furthermore, our culinary team will delight you with an exquisite selection of traditional and modern dishes, using the freshest and highest quality ingredients. Your guests will enjoy an unparalleled culinary experience, savoring the authentic flavors of Morocco in such an exceptional setting as the desert dunes.

At Riad Serai, we are committed to making your wedding a truly extraordinary event. Our passion for creating unforgettable moments, combined with the beauty and magic of the Merzouga desert, will make your celebration unique and exciting. Trust us to turn your dream into reality and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Celebrate your love in the dunes of the Merzouga desert and let us be the perfect backdrop for your wedding. At Riad Serai, you will find a magical place, full of charm and serenity, where love meets nature at its finest. Come and celebrate your love in an extraordinary way at Riad Serai!


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