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Morocco has a history, art, culture, landscapes, and people that are worth experiencing and feeling. We can see evidence of this in the wide variety of activities and offers that the environment provides us. From camel rides to unparalleled experiences in a luxury tent camp. Discover a new way to enjoy Morocco.

Camel Ride

through the dunes of Erg Chebbi.

Imagine being able to feel the desert under your feet, enjoying a night in the Saharan dunes in a fully equipped tent where quality, comfort, and tradition blend to provide a unique and unforgettable experience. And all of this under a starry sky that will shine brighter than ever. We offer you the opportunity to experience Morocco in a much more intense and real way.

In our luxury tent complex, we offer our guests an unparalleled experience, the opportunity to spend the night in the vastness of the desert with everything needed to feel and enjoy with all five senses. With tents cared for in detail, you can enjoy the best comforts while feeling the adventure and emotions that the Moroccan desert provokes.

camello 1 - Experiences and activities
camello 2 - Experiences and activities

Honeymoon in the desert

Can you imagine a unique honeymoon in the world, in the midst of the mysterious and exotic Moroccan desert? At Riad Serai, we are experts in making couples’ most unforgettable dreams come true. We design a completely personalized itinerary for you, filled with exciting and romantic experiences, so you can celebrate love in one of the most impressive landscapes on the planet.

From a dinner under the stars in our luxury campsite, to a relaxing and revitalizing massage session in our spa area, every moment of your honeymoon will be carefully planned so that you and your partner can fully enjoy every detail. You can enjoy a camel ride at sunset, explore Berber culture, or simply relax in one of our elegant suites.

In addition, you can taste our top-notch Moroccan cuisine, made with fresh and local ingredients, and accompany it with the best wines and cocktails from our bar. Without a doubt, a honeymoon in the desert will be an unforgettable, unique and romantic experience that will allow you to celebrate love in the most special way. Come and make your honeymoon a magical moment at Riad Serai!


The desert

Discover the essence of the mystical Saharan desert and experience the adventure and relaxation that only Riad Serai can offer you. Immerse yourself in Berber culture and live a unique and unforgettable experience. Enjoy a night under the stars in our exclusive luxury tent complex, where every detail is designed to make you feel like a true king of the desert. If you prefer to explore the beauty of the desert, join one of our exciting camel rides and discover the majesty of the dunes. Riad Serai invites you to live an adventure that will be etched in your memory forever.

VIP and celebrities

Are you a celebrity looking for privacy and luxury? We have everything you need in our resort in the heart of the Saharan desert! With exclusive areas and VIP activities, we offer you a unique space to enjoy the magic of the environment without sacrificing comfort and privacy. From private celebrations to business meetings, our team of experts will ensure that everything is perfect. Discover authentic luxury in the desert at our world-class resort. We look forward to welcoming you!

4x4 - Experiences and activities

4x4 Excursions

Through the desert

Are you looking for a unique experience in the desert? Would you like to explore the most stunning dunes and landscapes in the region aboard a 4×4 with an expert driver? At Riad Serai, we have just what you need. Our full-day tours depart at 10 a.m. to ensure that you make the most of the spectacular scenery. Additionally, our experienced desert guide driver will take you to the most impressive spots, making this adventure unforgettable. Join us and live an experience you will never forget!

Yoga and retreats

Disconnect and find inner peace in the Yoga paradise at Riad Serai! Join us for a unique and enriching experience in the stunning landscape of the Erg Chebbi desert. Our Yoga retreat is designed to help you find the inspiration and tranquility you need. We offer a wide range of services and means to easily access this ideal environment, and we guarantee that you will feel renewed and rejuvenated after your stay with us. Come and experience what it truly means to disconnect and find yourself at Riad Serai!

Buggy and quad routes

Through the Erg Chebbi desert

Ready for an unforgettable adventure? Discover the Erg Chebbi desert aboard our high-end buggies and quads. Our experienced guides will take you through stunning routes and show you the best of the landscape. Explore secret oases, abandoned mines and meet the nomads who inhabit the region. Don’t miss the opportunity to live a unique and exciting experience in Morocco. Book your buggy or quad route now!

Holidays with children

Make your family vacation an unforgettable adventure in the Sahara desert! Enjoy an authentic encounter with Berber culture by visiting one of their villages in the mountains and sharing tea with them in their own home. But that’s not all, we have many more exciting ideas for you and your kids! From camel rides at sunset to nights under the stars and bonfires in our desert camp, there is something for everyone. Let us design a unique and adventure-filled family vacation that will leave you with memories that will last a lifetime.

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Wedding planning

In the desert

Welcome to your wedding day! How about an exotic, mystical, and romantic setting for this special day? Riad Serai offers a unique wedding experience in the heart of the desert, a truly unforgettable location. With panoramic views of the stunning Erg Chebbi dunes, our team of wedding experts will work with you to design a personalized wedding experience, from accommodation and food to activities and decorations. Let the magic of the Sahara be the perfect backdrop for the most important day of your life. Contact us today to start planning your dream wedding in the desert.


Discover the incomparable beauty of the Sahara desert and its starry sky with our “Stars in the Dunes” experience. We will take you to a magical and remote location in the heart of Erg Chebbi, where golden sand dunes stretch to the horizon and the night sky opens up before you in all its splendor. In this stunning setting, you will enjoy an unforgettable evening under the stars, observing the constellations with a high-quality telescope and sharing stories around a campfire with friends and loved ones. An experience that will leave you breathless and that you will remember forever.

Exotic and unforgettable


Experience a different pace of life in this idyllic space. Relax and enjoy this paradisiacal oasis.

Guided Tours

Let yourself be enchanted by the magic of the desert and discover its cultural richness with our exciting guided tours. Explore the majestic dunes of Erg Chebbi, admire the beauty of the villages and their nomadic inhabitants, and feel the authenticity of Saharan culture. Accompanied by our expert guides, you will discover places you will never forget and live unforgettable experiences in the heart of the desert