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Yoga and Retreats

in the Desert

Immerse yourself in an unparalleled yoga retreat at Riad Serai, located in the heart of the Sahara amidst the majestic dunes of Merzouga. Here, silence whispers, peace becomes tangible, and the magic of the surroundings merges with your yoga practice.

Our facilities provide the perfect setting for a transformative retreat. The desert, with its vastness and serenity, invites you to disconnect from the outside world and connect with yourself on a deep level. Each breath becomes more conscious, and each asana takes on a new dimension as you glide through the golden dunes.

At Riad Serai, we understand the needs of yoga masters and instructors. That’s why we have created services specifically designed to meet your requirements. You can bring your students and share with them the experience of an unforgettable retreat in this unique environment.

Our team is committed to providing you with support and assistance in organizing yoga events. From planning to execution, we ensure that everything is in harmony so you can focus on guiding your students and creating a transformative experience.

Imagine meditating at dawn as the sun tints the sky with warm hues and the dunes come alive with the first rays of light. Picture practicing asanas at sunset, merging with the beauty of the changing colors of the desert. At Riad Serai, these dreams come true.

Come and discover the magic of a yoga retreat at Riad Serai. Immerse yourself in the essence of the Sahara and let its vastness and energy inspire you in your practice. Experience inner peace, rejuvenation, and a connection with nature in an environment that is truly unique. Your journey towards self-transcendence begins here.

What's Included:

Our top-notch facilities are located at the foot of the breathtaking desert dunes, creating the perfect setting for your spiritual practice.

Our charming boutique hotel has been designed with every detail in mind to provide you with comfort and serenity. The careful decoration and local craftsmanship will immerse you in an atmosphere of authenticity and beauty. Every corner of Riad Serai has been thoughtfully designed to create spacious and welcoming spaces where you can relax and connect with yourself.

Our committed and friendly staff is at your service to ensure a unique and transformative experience. From the moment you arrive, you will feel welcomed and cared for, allowing you to focus on your practice and well-being. We strive to exceed your expectations and create an environment conducive to personal and spiritual growth.

The magic of the surrounding environment is truly inspiring. The desert dunes stretch out majestically, inviting you to explore their vastness and find inner peace. Our hotel borders these dunes, providing you with direct access to nature and creating a tranquil and revitalizing atmosphere.

In addition, you will enjoy our excellent facilities, such as a refreshing swimming pool where you can relax after your practices, spacious outdoor areas for meditation and connecting with nature, and common areas where you can share special moments with other retreat participants.

At Riad Serai, we take pride in offering a space dedicated to meditation, yoga, and other spiritual activities. We are committed to providing you with an environment conducive to personal growth, relaxation, and connection with your inner self. Come and discover harmony and balance in a place that feels like home.


Yoga and Retreats